Movie HD for iOS

Movie HD for iOS

Download the official Movie HD app to your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Watch and download free HD movies and TV shows with the Movie HD app. This tutorial will show you how to jailbreak and install Movie HD to your iOS device (iOS 8.0+). Jailbreaking is completely safe and reversible.

Movie HD Overview

Stream and download movies in HD

Movie HD Movies

…and TV shows

Movie HD TV Shows

Search or sort for your favorite videos

Movie HD Sorting Options

…or sort by genres

Movie HD Sort by Genre

How-to Jailbreak iOS


  • Windows computer
  • Apple device running iOS 8.0-9.1
  • 1.0 GB free space on iOS device

1. Back up your device in iTunes.

2. Go to Settings > Passcode > Turn Passcode Off – Skip step if no passcode

Turn Passcode Off

3. Go to Settings > iCloud > Turn ‘Find My iDevice’ Off – Skip step if not logged into iCloud

Turn Find My iDevice Off

4. On computer, download correct TaiG Jailbreak Tool and extract it:

TaiG Jailbreak Tools V1.2.1 (For iOS 8.0-8.1.2)

TaiG Jailbreak Tools V2.2.0 (For iOS 8.1.3-8.4)

PanGu Jailbreak Tools V1.3.1 (For iOS 9.0-9.1)

5. Run the TaiG Jailbreak Tools

Run TaiG Jailbreak Tools

6. Make sure Cydia is checked and press ‘Start’ – You do not need to install 3k Assistant

Start iOS Jailbreak

The program will jailbreak your device. Once complete the device will restart and you should have Cydia on your home screen.

Jailbroken iPad iOS 8.4

Install Movie HD to iOS Device

Movie HD is confirmed working for the latest iOS 8.4.

1. Open Cydia and go to ‘Sources

Cydia Sources

2. Press ‘Edit then ‘Add

Cydia Add Repo

3. Add and press ‘Add Source

Add dtathemes Repo

4. Press ‘Return to Cydia’ and then ‘Done’

Return to Cydia

5. Open ‘dtathemes Repo’ and then ‘dta-apps’

Open dta-apps

6. Press ‘MovieHD’ and hit ‘Install’

Install Movie HD

7. Press ‘Confirm’ and Movie HD will begin installing

Confirm Movie HD Installation

After it is done, press ‘Return to Cydia’ and Movie HD will be available on the home screen. To uninstall simply open Cydia, go to Installed > Movie HD > Modify > Remove > Confirm

Uninstall Movie HD

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