Download Movie HD App

Download and install the Movie HD app (from the creators of HD Cinema and Sky HD). Movie HD lets you watch free HD movies and TV shows on your Android phone or tablet with Chromecast support. Movie HD is similar to apps like Show Box, Play Box, Cartoon HD, and Popcorn Time.

Movie HD has the biggest collection of videos including the latest movies and TV series. Updated daily!

Movie HD offers fast, high quality (720p, 1080p HD) video streams!


Download films to watch offline!

Easily search or sort videos by popularity, rating, release, category/genre, and more!

Movie HD Chromecast Support

Movie HD supports the Chromecast so you can stream to your big screen!

Movie HD New Icon


Install Movie HD to the Android

1. Go to Settings > Security > Turn on Unknown Sources

Enable Unknown Sources

2. Download the Movie HD .APK here:

Movie HD .APK

3. Open the .APK and hit Install

Install Movie HD

Movie HD will begin installing.

Movie HD Installed

If you are having issues with the app, please go to Settings -> General -> Apps -> Movie HD -> Force Stop and Clear data and Clear cache then restart or reinstall the app.

In order to use Movie HD you will need to download VPlayer. VPlayer is the official video player for Movie HD.

Continue reading to learn how to cast videos to the Chromecast and download videos on Movie HD.

No Connection error: Make sure you have the latest version of Movie HD installed. Get the latest version here.


If you are having any other issues with Movie HD, you can try downloading Megabox HD or our new app Cine Box.


Movie HD Chromecast Support

1. Play a video in Movie HD and hit the settings icon.

2. Select your Chromecast device

How-to Download Movies in Movie HD

The Download button has now been moved to VPlayer.

1. Play a video in Movie HD and hit the Download icon to download the video.

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